Our Role

Our world-class infrastructure and processes coupled with our sincerity and passion is what makes us confident of achieving our goals and making our vision a reality. To be a leading global player in taking education to the next dimension through an innovative blend of institution and resource for creating empowered future citizens.

Aajivika unrivalled reach in providing a blend of traditional and digitized content to the schools, colleges and retail segments has helped in offering quality education to students even in the most remote parts of India. The company’s efforts has borne fruit in an extensive and well-connected network of schools, colleges and retail training centers that deliver best-in-class content.

Aajivika is a pioneer in facilitating education using breakthrough technologies. With dedicated teams of business and academic experts, the company has been on the forefront of heralding the next advancement in learning, thus becoming a distinctive player in bridging geographical and cultural borders.

Our Mission

In accordance with the thoughts of our Honorable Prime minister ‘we strive to build a nation of skilled citizens’. Aajivika Global Skill Private Limited has tried to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and enables their all-round development through the joy of learning, enduring values and the celebration of diversity.
1. To provide holistic education of the latest variety.
2. To imbibe a good value system that combines the spirit of everlasting Indian Culture and emerging universal human values
3. create dynamic children who can render useful service to humanity and make their own lives happy and prosperous.
4. To equip our students with the latest knowledge and Modern Skills.
5. To focus on realising their individual personalities the maximum.

Our Vision

Aajivika Global Skill Private Limited is ISO 9001:2015 certified company working in BPO industry, Social Services and education especially in vocational Skill development and professional IT training since 2015. We believe that a curriculum of excellence with a global dimension is central to the education of children to face the challenges of the 21st century with confidence and strength of character.